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Bijaynagar Road, Behind Central Jail

Dear Sir/Madam,
With reference to your application dated 28/6/2012 and subsequent correspondance with the
school/inspection in this regard,
With reference to your online application dated 29/06/2012 on the subject cited
above, I am directed to convey the sanction for Composite Provisional Affiliation for
Secondary School Examination and Senior School Certificate Examinationof the
Board for a period of three years w.e.f. 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2016. The following
subjects have been sanctioned to be introduced at Senior Secondary classes :-
a) Languages:- English Core/Elective, Hindi Core/Elective.
b) Elective Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education,
Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business
Studies, Informatics Practice, Geography, History, and Sociology.
The above sanction is subject to fulfillment of following conditions:-
1. “School will follow the syllabus on the basis of curriculum prescribed by NCERT for the middle classes”.
2. The school will implement Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as per the schemes of the Board upto Classes X.
3. As per the newly implemented CCE scheme vide Circular withdrawal of the affiliation of the school for secondary Examination granted by the Board.
13. The school shall appoint qualified and trained teaching staff on regular basis as per provisions of Affiliation Bye Laws of the Board. 14. Service conditions, pay and allowances and other benefits to the employees of the school shall be at least at par with that of corresponding categories of employees working in Government Schools of the State in which the school is located. An undertaking to this effect be sent to C.B.S.E.
15. Service agreement be executed with the staff as per norms generally accepted by the State Government concerned.
16. The school will help the Board in the smooth conduct of the examination by providing the necessary accommodations i.e. Rooms, Halls, etc. available in the school premises and furniture at its disposal for holding its examinations free of charges if required.
17. The school will spare sufficient teachers, for invigilation purpose at the examinations of the Board, as may be required
18. The school will spare its teachers for evaluation of answer-books for the Board’s examinations, if required.
19. The school will provide Laboratories, Library and other facilities as per norms of the Board. 

20. The school will abide itself by the conditions of affiliation already prescribed by the State Government concerned.
21. The school should have at least one adequately equipped computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers or computer student ratio of 1:20 and proper software along with facility of Broad Band Connectivity with the feature of ‘internet always on’ from any service provider.
22. The school shall promote inclusion of student with disabilities/special needs in the normal school as per provisions of the ‘persons with disabilities act -1995’.
23. The school and its records shall be opened for inspection by an officer/official of the Board or an authorized representative of the Board/State Educational
Department at any time and the school shall furnish information as may be asked for by the Board/State Government from time to time.
24. The rate of tuition fee and other fees charged should be commensurate with the facilities provided.
25. The admission to the school shall be opened to all without any discrimination on the ground of religion, cast or race, place of birth or any of them.
26. No unrecognized classes shall run within the premises of the school or outside in the same name of school.
27. The school will strictly adhere with all rules regarding safety of students including Fire fighting, Drinking water, Sanitation, Transportation, etc.
28. The accounts should be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant and proper accounts statements should be prepared in the name of school, as per rules. A copy each of the Statements of Accounts should be sent to the Board every year.
29. The affiliation Code Number allotted to your school is 1730472.This may please be noted and quoted for any correspondence with the Board.
30. The school will create Reserve Fund as per the requirement of the Affiliation Bye Laws.
31. The school will apply for further Extension of Provisional Affiliation ‘on online’ through with the prescribed fee of Rs. 25,000/- and other essential documents before 30th June of the preceding year before the expiry of the date of provisional affiliation.
32. The school will open CBSE pattern classes IX and XI w.e.f. 1.4.2013. Accordingly, 1st  Batch of class X and XII of the school will be appeared at the Board’s Examination to be held in the year 2015.
33. School will provide physical facilities as per norms of the Board.

The facilities reported at the time of last inspection are as given under:-
(i) Area of school campus - 9715 sq. mtrs.
(ii) Total built up area - 1179.85 sq. mtrs.
(iii) Area of play ground - 5000 sq.
(iv) No. of class rooms - 15 (20x25)
(v) No of Other rooms - 01 (18x22)
(vi) No. of labs
Composite Science Lab - 01 (25x36)
Computer Science - 01 (8x29)
Physics - 01 (25x36)
Chemistry - 01 (25x36)
Biology - 01 (25x36)
Maths - 01 (25x36)
Size and number of books in the Library Size - (36x34) No. of
Books 3205.
34. Other conditions are as per Annexure ‘A’ enclosed.
35. Special conditions to be complied within three months:-
a. Every school should organize at least one week training programme for
teachers every year in association with any teachers training institute
recognized by the State or Central Government or by any agency
identified by the Board.
b. Every institute will provide adequate facilities for potable drinking
water and clean healthy and hygienic toilets with washing facilities for
boys and girls separately in proportion to the number of students.
c. The school is required to appoint trained and qualified staff & also
maintain section teacher ratio i.e. there must be 1.5 teachers per section
to teach various subjects. Submit revised list of staff with showing
Name, Qualification, Designation, Date of Birth, Date of Appointment,
Date of Confirmation etc.
d. The school library needs to be enriched with more reference books, fictions,
novel, short stories, poems, etc.and more equipments required in
e. The school is required to submit an affidavit in original regarding nonproprietary character of the Society duly sworn in before a 1st Class
f. The school is required to revise the pay scales of the staff and pay the salary,
DA and other allowances on the prescribed pay scales at least at par with the
salary of corresponding category of employees working in State Government
g. The school is required to renew the Fire, Sanitary, Building Safety and Health Certificates.

Yours faithfully,

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