Our Success

Six Years of Success:
The mother branch of our group of schools "Gurudeep Academy" was established in Jan 2003 from Nur. to class V with 70 students and 7 staff members at Bijaynagar Road, Near Dadabari, Beawar.

The deveotion and hard work of our founder staff members gave us a tremendous growth with a strength of 320 students and 21 staff members in the session 2004-2005 up to class VII.

Our productive and positive partnership between parents, students and the school gave new heights to our institution and we gave educaton up to VIII standard to 674 students in the session 2005-06. We gave rich and purposeful work within the classroom. Our honest working has enabled us to give an extra ordinary growth and our 1200 students from class Nur. to VIII gained knowledge by 70 staff members in the session 2006-07. What we said we did therefore in the session 2007-08, we gained name and fame by educating 1800 students up to class IX and holding 100 staff members.

It was the god's blessings on us that we could able to open our new branches, G.D.A. The School and Hostel & Guru Siddharth International School, in the session 2008-09 and enjoyed the highest strength of 2800 students in Beawar city us to class X with 170 staff members.

The trend of graph of our group of schools is continuously increasing and it can never take a full stop due to the faith and good wishes of the parents of our students.

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